Norway – A Time-Lapse Adventure

In this great time-lapse video, Morten Rustad makes a great case for Norway as a cloudspotting destination.

5 thoughts on “Norway – A Time-Lapse Adventure”

  1. Michael Davies avatar Michael Davies says:

    superb movie well done

  2. Roberval De Oliveira Santos avatar Roberval De Oliveira Santos says:

    Very nice film ! Congratulations ! Hope to see the Aurora one day !

  3. David Moss avatar David says:

    One can sense Thor & Freya looking down from the mountain tops and smiling with great satisfaction. A beautiful film.

  4. Gwendolyn Hill Moore avatar Gwendolyn says:

    Thank you. Absolutely beautiful. I also want to see the aurora, will look into places in Norway.

  5. Susan Crouse avatar Susan Crouse says:

    A stunning film! Especially loved the aurora. Reinforced my lifelong desire to visit Norway. Thank you for posting.

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