What cloud is this?

Naming Clouds

What cloud is this?

What cloud is this?

Storm Dunlop, the distinguished author and weather photographer – and Cloud Appreciation Society Member No. 0030 – mentioned us in a short piece for Oxford Univeristy Press about the public’s difficulty in remembering the names of clouds. The piece was to mark World Meteorology Day (23 March). How many members of the general public, for instance, can name the cloud shown here on the right? Perhaps, not many.

But for members of the Cloud Appreciation Society, naming these familiar high clouds is a doddle. You can see the answer at the bottom of Storm’s piece. But how many know the name of the optical effects that appear as spots of light on either side of the base of the photograph, and are caused by the sunlight passing through the ice crystals of the clouds (answer here)?

Read Storm Dunlop’s blog entry here…

5 thoughts on “Naming Clouds”

  1. Tricia says:

    Definitely cirrus. My earth science teacher, back a few years, said the easiest way to remember cirrus is to think that they look like curled duck feathers.

  2. Elena Wells avatar Elena says:

    Yes it’s cirrus

  3. Hartono says:

    Its Cirrus Cloud

  4. madison 123456789 says:

    never mind i mean cirs

  5. madison 123456789 says:


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