Mysterious Cloud Spotted over Pt. Townsend

A strange vertical cloud was spotted on the 25th May 2011 off Port Townsend.

Lenore Maranan-Goldstein, the managing director of the Northwest Maritime Center & Wooden Boat Foundation, took these two photographs of the clouds as they sat just off the northern tip of Marrowstone Island.

You can see the full story here

3 thoughts on “Mysterious Cloud Spotted over Pt. Townsend”

  1. Carolyn Johannesen avatar Carolyn Johannesen says:

    Looks like the head and shoulders of a giant. As it dissipates reminds me of a Sci Fi momment, scary.:$

  2. Jason Lau says:

    Amazing! It’s like the tornado and something i want to know that will it make any raindrops?

  3. Ann Scott says:

    Amazing cloud and frankly would scare the beejesus out of me if I saw it. Any other sitings like this? Do we have a name for it yet? Great picture!

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