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“Lost In Clouds”

“Lost In Clouds”

Jeni Bate, Society member 29168, has written this cloud inspired poem in the style of a Shakespearean sonnet.

Lost in clouds

An exercise in getting lost in clouds –
a daydream of the most delirious kind.
The finding of a reason to look up,
the losing of a reason to use the mind.
Cumulus form, fade and form again,
then high winds whip them into cirrus trails.
Cumulonimbus build and build and then
rain in dry air as pretty virga veils
that catch the light of sunset, burning gold
that turn to rose and then through scarlet fades
to gray; transition wondrous to behold
and last of all, anti-crepuscular rays.
The art above – no need to wonder why
I’d spend a lifetime getting lost in sky.

© Jeni Bate

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