Los Angeles Wildfire (Pyrocumulus Clouds)

Timelapse footage of wildfire north of Los Angeles, 08.30.09

Footage by Dan Blank. Music by Brian Eno.
Shot on Panasonic HS-300.
Actual length: 40 mins.
Filmed from Tarzana, CA

6 thoughts on “Los Angeles Wildfire (Pyrocumulus Clouds)”

  1. What have clouds got to do with something that does not exist but which some people call Allah,God, etc ?

  2. kathy orens says:

    (Pyrocumulus Clouds over Los Angeles) Like a tragic ballet…so beautiful you cannot look away yet such tragedy in it’s story.

  3. Nice capture, and beautiful clouds, albeit born of a disastrous fire. Thanks for sharing! (Eno’s music is perfect.)

  4. Miles Corbett says:

    Stunning meditative image to perfect music…

  5. Andrew Young says:

    Please excuse my mis-spelling of grandeur, above.

  6. Andrew Young says:

    What a fascinating ‘movie’! The Scriptures were right; the sky really does display God’s grandure.

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