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  • andy hunter avatar


    April 17, 2012at6:34 pm

    stunning! great capture!!

  • bryan

    April 18, 2012at4:24 am

    What a great “Capture”. Well spotted Shannon.

  • Joaquim

    April 19, 2012at10:51 pm

    Fantastic ! You were at the right moment and place.

  • Aidan

    April 27, 2012at9:23 am

    Nice site,,clouds are fantastic,,you never know what they might appear as,
    I have a funny one if I can just find out how to upload it,,,,


  • Tara Prentice

    May 6, 2012at9:42 am

    Love the pictures

  • Tara Prentice

    May 6, 2012at10:33 am

    Love it

  • Shannon

    May 29, 2012at8:45 pm

    I took this cause my mother LOVES hummingbirds. The other day my hubby said you are on the Internet for your photo. I think that is awesome that other enjoy it as well.

  • sue anderson

    June 7, 2012at2:55 pm

    im one for looking for shapes in clouds always looking

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