Letters in the Sky

A-Z of Clouds

Daniele Siebenhaar's A-Z of clouds

Cloud Appreciation Society member Danièle Siebenhaar who hails from Switzerland has been searching out a cloud alphabet. She has been hunting clouds in the shape of letters and has now found all of them, from A to Z.

Danièle uses her images to produce birthday cards for friends and family. We congratulate her on her achievement, and think that she should release the images as a typeface – that way, we can use it instead of Helvetica when we next send out the Cloud Appreciation Society newsletter.

Her cloud alphabet was reported in the UK’s Metro newspaper and the Swiss newspaper, Tages-Anzeiger. Proud as she is of her collection, Danièle insists that some of her letters don’t look as clear as she’d like, and so she has vowed to continue her important alphabetic quest.

5 thoughts on “Letters in the Sky”

  1. to Ita Jones, cloud appr.
    thanks for your comment of sept. 13, 2012 about your initials in the sky.
    have you made a picture of your initials? For my cloud alphabet I needed over 6 months to find all the letterrs in the sky doing no other work beside looking in the sky!! I am over 70, so I have time……. If you are interested I will send you 2 other alphabets, one with moon letters and one with 26 diff. tools.
    kindest regards

  2. Ita says:

    HiDaniel could you please help me make sence of this.
    I was down South England when three of us saw my Initials in the sky it was 10 o clock evening dark stary night then the only cloud in the sky made my initials I J it was so plain
    It was as if someone wrote it on paper It lasted about 29 seconds then disapeared into a thin cloud
    Any Ideas Many Thanks Ita Jones.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Daniele could u tell me how to find these letters where do i look for and isn’t it so cool.. Kind regards Kevin b

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