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Lenticular Clouds: The Beauty and The Science

Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum

Lenticular Clouds: The Beauty and The Science

Jean Nels, Executive Director of Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum recently contacted us about two lenticular cloud videos they have produced.

Lenticulars – The Spectacular Clouds of Mount Shasta- Part 1: The Beauty of the Clouds is lenticularis clouds around Mount Shasta set to music.

Lenticulars: The Spectacular Clouds of Mount Shasta – Part 2: Science Behind the Clouds is an explanation of the science behind lenticularis clouds

Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all donations based museum. Money raised from the sale of these videos will be used to fund future films/exhibits.

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