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Sunset shot has got it covered

Sunset shot has got it covered

Frank Le Blancq's photo of sunset over Rocco Tower in St. Ouen's Bay, Jersey

Frank Le Blancq’s photo of sunset over
Rocco Tower in St. Ouen’s Bay, Jersey

A few weeks ago, we drew your attention to the Weather Watcher’s 3-Year Log Book, published by the Royal Meteorological Society.

We thought it might interest you because it is crammed with fascinating facts about the weather, including information on how to identify different cloud types.

Frank Le Blancq (member 7914) has written to tell us that the RMS used one of his cloud photographs on the front cover (third from the top). It is a glorious sunset over Rocco Tower in St. Ouen’s Bay, Jersey, taken in mid-June. The photo is also in the 2008 Royal Meteorological Society calendar.

Frank, a professional meteorologist, said: “My job means I spend quite a bit of time looking at clouds and I take cloud photos for fun. If anyone publishes them, I regard that as a bonus.”

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