Keith Epps - Dark Arcadias

Keith Epps: Dark Arcadias

Keith Epps - Dark Arcadias

Artist Keith Epps has an exhibition currently showing at the Union Gallery, Edinburgh until 1st April. Keith is a contributor to the art section of our website and some of these works will be included in the exhibition. If you are in Edinburgh, why not go and take a look. Full details can be found on the Union Gallery website here

One thought on “Keith Epps: Dark Arcadias”

  1. Gavin Johnston says:

    Absolutely brilliant show of work . I had to enter in off the street when I saw “Cave” hung in the window. I was most surprised that I had never seen this artist’s work before as I live in Edinburgh and regularly visit galleries.
    Amazed at the quality of the work. Loved too the understatement of the titles. “Crow” in fact is a picture full of trees ,paths and panoramas with a large group of boys looking at a crow in the hand of one of them.

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