Jack Borden and For Spacious Skies

cert.gifWe were contacted recently by the venerable Jack Borden, Boston TV news reporter turned sky enthusiast. At the age of 45 he woke up from a nap in a nature preserve to see a sky he had never experience in all his previous life. “In a millisecond I saw more of the sky than in all my life to that point,” he says. He decided to quit his job and become a missionary of the sky. For Spacious Skies is the campaign he’s been running for twenty years or so to get school children and everyone else to pay more attention to what’s going on above us.


2 thoughts on “Jack Borden and For Spacious Skies”

  1. jack Borden says:

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for writing.

    I’ll contact Markey and one or two other reps.

    What is your postal address and email address. I’ll send you a cloud chart..on the house.



  2. stephen says:

    Hi Jack,

    I have always looked up at the sky especially when I lived in a Jesuit seminary on the side of a mountain in Lenox, Mass.overlooking Lake Macinack. I also have done my share of photographing sunsets from a hill in Brookline, MA.

    But I am alarmed at what is happening to the sky. Every time I look up from the hill or even from street level in town, I see these long white trails scarring the beauty of the sky. They are not contrails, since they do not quickly vanish, but linger and spread. If you Google “chemical trails” you will find pictures of these trails criss crossing the blue. I have taken many photos myself of these trails over Brookline.

    I have contacted my MA senators and Representatives, but got no answer. I contacted the FAA, which also drew a blank. Where, I wonder, are these high flying planes at 60,000 feet coming from? What agency is organizing these flights? Why do all the states allow this pollution in the heavens? Why aren’t F-16’s not forcing them to land and stop what they are doing? By the way, this spraying is going on all over the planet. What is the secret organization behind it and how are they funded? I hope it is not our tax money funding the operation here in America.
    Maybe your organization can be helpful in bringing this scarring of the face of the heavens to the public’s attention. Maybe we can get our so far unresponsive government here in MA and in Washington to put a stop to this program. If, however, it is a benign program, I only ask why it is a top secret. You cannot get any answers from officials, as if they have been somehow told to keep quiet.

    I met you once back in the early seventies when you were filming the B.U student protest of the Vietnam war at B.U.
    I was a graduate student there. I helped you get in the building or something. I’m 84 now.

    Sincerely, Steve Daisy

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