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“I Saw Your Face in a Cloud”

“I Saw Your Face in a Cloud”

Pauline Tabrar lives in Northolt, Middlesex, England. She recently sent us this very poignant poem after learning about the Cloud Appreciation Society on LBC Radio.

Your Face in a Cloud

I saw your face in a cloud, as it gently floated by.
And I saw your smile in the Sun, and its warmth lit up the sky.
I felt your touch on the breeze, as it softly kissed my hair.
And for a precious moment, I felt your loving care.
I miss your love my darling, every moment, every day.
But how I love these visions, that seem to come my way.

For I saw your face in a cloud, your eyes, your elegant pose,
And I saw your ruby lips, in the red of my garden rose.
I could see you sleeping quietly, on the bed of my verdant lawn.
And I caught your teardrops falling, like the dew in the early morn.

You went too soon my darling, too soon you went away,
But thanks to God, my darling, I can see you every day.
For I saw your face in a cloud, such wistful love in your eyes,
And I heard your whispered voice, soothe my mournful cries.

But I can cope, my darling, be strong, be brave, be proud,
For I can always find you, in a softly billowing cloud.

Float on by, my darling, I am always loving you
And from your cloud of love,
I know you love me too.

© Pauline Tabrar 2015

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