I Lay in the Dark by Lorelei O’Connor

Writer and artist, Lorelei O’Connor, sent us this moving poem…

I Lay In the Dark

There will always be words unsaid,
deeds undone,
hopes but fleeting,
erased by greedy clouds charging through my skies;

There will be times when my skin
can’t pull these bones up to dance
to the musical tasks of life,
with this mind refusing to override
drumming fatigue and dullest of pain,

For all unwanted and unlived,
pain as if a captor,
a place waits for us
deep into a shadow
where dark as black as black can be
holds out its loving arms for
comforting embrace,

It tells my truth,
I somehow had forgotten,
“Your bed is made and laid under a billion stars,
with their dust conjured
into every breath your body
makes for you”,

my eyes close,
into the dream
where Angel of Wise sits beside me,
casting his gentle smile
touching all of me,
that which is, that which is not, and that to where I go;

he speaks,
welcoming as a
sweet June breeze
singing his lullaby,
angels will sit
on your starship bed
listening to the
those undone of your heart,
blessing your weaknesses and pain,

As you dream your angel weaves
clouds into a new basket of hope, your thought long gone,
then singing to me
their favorite song,
“These pains,
they are a blessing,
Deep as the voice of God”

© Lorelei O’Connor

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