Horseshoe Vortex

Cloud Appreciation Society member, Vicki Smith, recently sent us this video of a horseshoe vortex cloud filmed near Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia in 2011 during a strong westerly. Tim Harris was filming as Vicki’s son Eric Smith flew a remote controlled glider around the rare cloud formation. The horseshoe vortex cloud spiralled as it was blown towards a steep ridge. It dissipated immediately as it reached the updraft rising up the front of the ridge. It is extremely rare for anyone to capture a horseshoe vortex cloud on film like this.

3 thoughts on “Horseshoe Vortex”

  1. Kathryn Hobson avatar Kathryn Hobson says:

    Elegant cloud, beautifully filmed.

  2. Susan McIntyre avatar Susan says:

    Wow! I love this. It adds perspective and fun to have the remote control plane weaving around the Horseshoe too. Thank you! Must have been exciting : )

  3. Jeannie Preston avatar Jeannie says:

    Lovely video – that’s the challenge: catching them on film or photo before they dissipate so well done and thanks for sharing.

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