George Craggs

Chester, UK

Every Cloud as a Silver Lining

Every cloud has a silver lining
be a cloud and keep smiling
so keep your clouds stockpiling

When your collection grows high and tall
you might need to build a jolly big wall
then have a game of fun basketball

Find out how much your collection is worth
climb up a tree, a giant black birch
then you will begin a big massive search

© George Craggs 2010

Have your head in your clouds

Have your heads in the clouds
hopefully you would see crowds
there will not be those annoying cows

The clouds are the most loveliest of places
have a fun game of lovely races
in the loveliest of all places

Well why should you I hear you say
maybe not because you don’t have to pay
and its fun I really hop you do not stray

© George Craggs 2010

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