From William J. Houston

Wilson, N.C.

Clouds of Emotions

The cumulus hordes the sky with it overpowering dominance,

blending the wind, light and rain to create its earthly ambiance

The darkness reflecting the spirit of my mood,

a lighting flash exposing a soul that needs soothed.

Within its cavernous body eruptions of sound echo loudly,

mimicking a newborn announcing itself to the world proudly.

A crescendo that builds to the intensity of a freight train,

and then it is quieted by the wind blowing sheets of rain.

The next chorus starts where the last one ended,

creating the desired affect the first had intended.

Lighting lashes out with no particular direction,

where ever it strikes has very little protection .

In a unique chaotic way it simulates love in every way,

creating attention to it self like a strutting peacock on display.

A bolt to the heart leaving one’s emotions shock and suspended,

and just as fast as it started, another flash and it has ended.

The quite after the storm, is a lonely period of seeking,

that leaves one searching for answers and self critiquing.

As children we hurried into the rain tp play,

as adults confronting love, we seem to run the other way.

© Easy-LSM

William J. Houston

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