From Wayne Paton.

Playground of imagination

One day my mom, dad and me,
went to a beach, down by the sea.
In the sand, I carved a bed,
where I lay, my tired head.
As I looked up, into the sky,
white magic carpets, drifted by.
As they moved, their shape did change,
into the wonderous, or very strange.
I could see there, many a face,
both a dog and cat, in a race.
A race to a point, a certain spot,
then they joined and they were not.
As they joined, they changed again,
never to stay, very long the same.
I could see islands, full of castles,
funny hats, made with lots of tassels.
A frosted king, with a crown of white,
airplanes with one wing, on a flight.
A flying horse, a witch on a broom,
a big scratched door, going into a room.
Cups and saucers, and alphabet soup,
sometimes it looked like, gobbledy goop.
I saw birds, with big long noses,
fire engines, and water hoses.
Pretty ladies, in silk and lace,
an ugly old man, with a dirty face.
I closed my eyes and started to dream,
of white angel cake with lots of ice cream.
A drop of rain, fell on my cheek,
so I openned one eye, to take a peek.
There in the sky, over my sand bed,
was a huge white dragon, with one eye in his head.
He looked so sad, with just one eye,
that’s where the tear fell, from the sky.
I closed my eyes, then openned them wide,
for he had turned his head and was trying to hide.
As I watched in wonder, like magic he switched,
into a rabbit, with a big nose that twitched.
Now I’m at home, and gaze out the window,
I see clouds in the sky, and I now know.
What I see, is really a dream in my head,
like when I sleep, with my head on my bed.
I can dream of magic, white carpets in the sky,
and make anything I want, float quietly by.

© Wayne Paton. 2007.

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  1. Vortex or Globe is very suitable for the library or study.
    Now you can buy your complete art stuff online through galleries and museums.
    Silhouettes of trees, planets and mountains are all good examples of interesting, stark backgrounds.

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