From Sue Shaw

Drama on the High Seas

Sail on; sail on
The Celestial seas.

Though none can hold thy sway,
I would that you could tarry
And enchant us with your metamorphic display.

Cirrus blades skate; sketch filaments
And linger high above this region
As blueprints for a vaulted canopy.
Subtle tendrils;
Fine-spun threads;
Faded scars or skeletal frames.
All foretell of deep blue days mantled in warmth.

Beneath your vague calligraphy
A more animated drama unfolds.
A cast of bold characters sweep across our vision.
Some, in majestic, billowing robes;
Strident, proud and resplendent with light.
Others, in menacing, disconsolate haste.
Onward to battle;
Bulging with watery armour
Befitting their rank.

On quieter, more thoughtful days,
Vast, grey sheets of sulking apathy curtain the stage;
A breathing space from human gaze.
A costume change for the main players
In the enduring, irresistible drama of the high seas.

Sail on. Sail on…

© Sue Shaw

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