From Sue Shaw

Send In The Clouds
( Can be sung to ‘Modern Major General’
from ‘Pirates of Penzance’ by Gilbert & Sullivan)

I’ve seen
Dolphins, ladies underwear, a dragon and a vampire bat,
Cupid with his quiver, Abra’m Lincoln in his stovepipe hat,
Giant rabbits, puffin head,
A laughing man sat up in bed,
Pteranadon above the shed;
An owl and a pussycat.

Numbers, letters, symbols – all these hieroglyphs mean nought to me.
I see strange faces in the sky and creatures from mythology.
I’m not the only one to spy
An ironing board go flying by.
(And all these doodles in the sky
Have got their own taxonomy.)

The Queen feeding her corgis and a lady with a powder puff,

Neptune coming up for air, a muscle man who looks real tough,
A saucy lass sunbathing,
A Spitfire, a hare, a raven,
More wild creatures that need tamin’
And a stratosphere of other stuff.

Each day you’ll see another cloud; A camel or a pig in flight.
Make sure you photograph each one or folk will think you’re not ‘quite right’.
It really is addictive
And the walking keeps you fit, if
You don’t fall into a ditch or
Wrap your dog around a traffic light !

© Sue Shaw 2011

5 thoughts on “From Sue Shaw”

  1. Suzanne Shaw avatar Suzanne Shaw says:

    Thanks for that Mark – I just say what I see. No drug enhancement or therapy required :)

  2. Mark J Peacock says:

    This is nice, Sue.

    On another note, habitual drug-users are able to access some very good professional help on the NHS now. Just contact your GP or have someone contact them on your behalf, and explain in as much detail as possible all of the unusual symptoms you are experiencing; delusions, hallucinations, feelings of ‘not being there’ and so on. Help is on hand.

  3. Annonymus says:

    Very nice, thank you so much for your contribution and I will read your brilliant poem. I think it’s so brilliant!!!!

  4. Sue Shaw says:

    Of course you can, Barbara, as long as you make a recording of you singing it, for us all to share :0)

  5. Barbara Kouzelis says:

    Super! I love it.
    May I put it in my Cloud-sky book I plan to do during the next months?

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