From Sue Shaw

If Clouds were Blue

If clouds were blue and the sky was white,
Would ‘Singin’ the Blues’ mean you’re ‘Feelin’ Alright’?
Would elderly ladies be the ‘White Rinse Brigade’?
And would ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ come in some other shade?

Would little white lies be Turquoise or Prussian?
Would vodka and Curacao make a White Russian?
Would brides get married in Navy or Teal
And would you blue-wash things
You wish to conceal?

Picasso’s white period would have been dull.
The ‘boys in magnolia’ wouldn’t have the same pull.
Blue milk in bottles? It just isn’t right
And think of those poor dwarves without their Snow White.

Chinese ceramicists took great pains to demonstrate
That blue and white glazes work well on your dinner plate.
Likewise, Mother Nature knew just what to do,
When she made the clouds white and the sky…… sky blue!

© Sue Shaw

One thought on “From Sue Shaw”

  1. Very good, it wouldn’t be the same without our blue skies and white clouds – just one reason why I won’t be flying off to Mars..!

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