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From Spiggsy

Maitland Sky © Spiggsy

From Spiggsy

Maitland Sky © SpiggsyWhat Can We Say?

What can we truly say?
To try encapsulate;
The marvel of the changing sky
With colours so divine?

What really does it justice?
This ever constant practice;
Whereby with colours mixing
To beauty the sky is shifting?

Nothing my friends, and that’s okay-
Words can’t quite cut it anyway;
Just revel in the time that’s yours
Know some love you, just because.

© Spiggsy 2012

  • Mr Best

    April 22, 2013at10:40 am

    we all appreciate YOUR appreciation. I hope you appreciate that you were read to an appreciative class of students.
    Appreciatively yours….
    Matthew, Carly, Adam, Lewis, Rebekah, Grace, Ruth, Casey, Lauren, Lindsey, Matthew, Naomi, Josh, Megan, Sarah, Anna, Chris, Charlotte, David, Emily, Rachel, Natasha, Jacob, Jessica, Amy, Libby, Jack and Courteney. And also Mr B

  • Anonymous

    May 30, 2013at5:51 am

    Why, thank y’all very much! My best wishes go back in return.

  • Spiggsy

    May 30, 2013at5:53 am

    Just to clarify: that last comment was made by me.

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