From Sheila Desmond

New York City, US.

Ever stood for a moment

Ever stood for a moment
looking up at the clouds
noticing their shapes
colors, movement
constantly shifting
relative locations
in space?
Ever stood for two moments
and wondered what it might
feel like to lie down
on some of those soft
cloud beds up there
taking time off from work
without having to notify
anyone, without having to care?
Ever stood for three moments
watching storm clouds
scatter in a hurricane wind
rooting for the weak one day
for the strong, the next:
which side are you on?
does it make a difference?
does it?
Ever stood for four moments
feeling dizzy
when perceptions decieve
and you start swaying
with skyscrapers
dancing to the music
of an invisible breeze
while the clouds seem to
stand still?
Ever stood for longer
much longer, staring
till clouds disappear
not the same ones, mind you,
but some other clouds
some other place: ever
stop contemplating
and just savored

© Sheila Desmond

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