From Sarah Thompson


A soft silhouette
Stung about an evening sky
It answers me truth
For who or what or why

The soft knowledge
Of an ancient past
Whose rain drop’s dip
And wonder’s last

Now amber against
The tired sun
Recognition never
Even completely won

The nomads
Of the endless air
Floating free
With out a care

As if,
To want of water
Entire sheets
Really can not falter

© Sarah Thompson 2010

Weightless Thoughts

Weightless as a bird in flight
My thoughts fly off in delight
Floating with the clouds

It’s a windy day
As I sit beneath a maple tree
On a hill above a town
I reach out with my thoughts to see

Soaring as an air balloon
Not caring if they’ll come back down soon
Floating with the clouds

No sadness
Can penetrate my spot
Calm temperature
Feeling rise as if they are hot

Safe and strong I’m not alone
Though no faces are those I know
Floating with the clouds

Weightless thoughts
Bring so many boundless dreams
For in life nothing is
Ever as it truly seems

Unless your with the clouds.

© Sarah Thompson 2010
age 16
LaGrange, Illinois, USA

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