From Sam Long

Tring, Hertfordshire, UK.

Clouds for All Seasons

There they float far above our head up in the summer’s sky,
These marshmallow puffs glide effortlessly and seem easy on the eye.

As the seasons roll on and days become shorter,
The chill fills the air and darkness draws longer.

As natures dramatic shift of warm into cold does occur,
No longer shall these clouds be fluff like balls of fur.

Instead the frighteningly ominous sight of darker shapes unfold,
The warmth of the air is dampened by the bitterness of cold.

Roars of thunder and cracks of lightening precede the cascading rain,
Its as if the sky is crying and the sounds are screams of pain.

Lets not forget the times when these grey monsters fill above like an endless blanket sheet,
The air is still, frost bites the grass and nibbles at your feet.

The white flakes descend and flitter past your hat covered head,
Its now time to find your loved one and cosy up in bed.

The many shapes and forms these clouds they do so make,
My love for them is undeniable and most definitely not fake.

So look and admire nature’s marvels that reside up in our atmosphere,
That which stirs the senses of joy and wonder and on the odd occasion fear.

© Sam Long

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