From Ryan C. Dayrit

Sucat, Muntinlupa. Philippines.


Don’t you ever wonder

what clouds are made for?

Why are they around?

Even they themselves couldn’t tell.

These angels seem to float around

and bump into each other only by chance

on where the wind would blow them to.

Some just pass through

while some generate a powerful, unexplainable energy

once they meet a certain type.

There are times when they just stumble in the darkness

and carry a heavy load that they can’t help but cry.

But to them it’s normal.

It’s just a thing that they have to go through

in able to show the world that light, though we see it everyday,

is such a wonderful thing.

Don’t you see what clouds are meant to be?

It’s a simple representation of life for you and me.

© Ryan C. Dayrit. 2009.

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