From Ruth Sharville in Chepstow, UK:

5 Cloud Haiku

Slate grey shimmering
Shot silk, Strom Loch with storm clouds
Scudding overhead.

Here rain-veils, cloudscapes.
Here the music of silence
Here, near always, you.

Arched cloud blaze to west;
Salmon pink to north and east;
Bid the sun good night.

Big sky; dark grey clouds;
Bright white clouds; a rainbows end;
Weather to enjoy!

Sun and rain and cloud.
See the rainbow, not the rain,
See the bright-edged cloud.


The blank paper is beckoning.
I don’t know what to say.
Mt mind is empty; I was not reckoning
On writing any poetry today.
But when,
Yesterday lunchtime,
I saw the gannet in flight, then
I wanted to write, but rhyme
There came not. His ink-
Tipped wings
Made me think
Of all sorts of beautiful things
To say, as the wind blew
And fluffed every wave crest
To cloud. The gannet flew,
Taking no rest,
His back briefly silver in the sun.
Whilst on the cliff a daisy
Bobbed in the wind, dancing for the sheer fun
Of being. And the usually lazy
Billowy clouds sped
Across the space above,
While the milky horizon led
My thoughts to someone I love.

[From “Colour Poetry – a first palette”]

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