From Peter Stockton

poem in the sky (@10972 metres)

flat sea fog island
in rolling boil to
massive bank of nuclear mushroom pillars shading
bays and bubbling cotton wool candy floss snow
stark, light-framed toppling plumes poised
to fall into chasm and then flattened misty sea
and on

fluffy buffalo clamber out of mist and skirt
the edge of sea with massive mothers-a-leaping
and merging to a rush to who knows where
concealed in grey

sudden tower erupts
but is washed under by
unlikely cataract cloudfall rehearsing
a later moment as

four frozen polar bears
race to the ice shelf watching
still distant archipelagos
rings, real ridged rings topped by
frozen explosions of
defined moments

and sudden whiter outgrowths reach up
almost close enough to touch and the mind
will not stop comparing and decoding each and
every unique cloud play up here
and each and every unique cloud play here

just is and
i will not let it be and
it just is and ever will be
when we’ve passed
but different

© Peter Stockton

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