A contrail filled sky over Wimborne in Dorset, England.

From Patricia Laurence

This is the first of two poems by Patricia Laurence, Member 11,781.  She wrote this following the poetry workshop that she attended as part of the Orkney Sky Gathering.

Two                                       Contrails

  in the                                 sky

     had                              formed

       an X                       was it

          a kiss                a cross

             X marks        the spot

               a choice    a sum

                     a  wrong


               look           again

             it                      drifts

           and                      fades

         smudges                   into

       nothing-                        ness

    so after                              all

perhaps                                   a  kiss

Patricia Laurence, May 2024

Image credit: A contrail filled sky over Wimborne in Dorset, England by Lindsay Gray

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