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From Pam Crane

From Pam Crane

some haiku inspired by clouds and cloudy days

Over the high fells
Every hill has its own cloud
Every tree its shade

(Ullswater August 2007)


Huge gold sun cloud-crowned
Behind twinkling Runcorn
Crowding birds wing home

(driving home from Liverpool January 2006)


Through twin trees, harebells –
Carrying clouds shoulder-high
The Ben broods on blue

(Ben Nevis from Loch Eil, August 2005)


Huddling weather;
Cloud-smoke low in the forest
Breath of nereids

(Conwy Valley October 2004)


On Bowland summit
Sheep grazing in cloud
Into the unknown

(Bowland fells, Lancashire, August 2004)


Blackcurrant time, dusk –
Sky on fire, mountains on fire,
Leaves scream in the wind

(7th July 2004 – a fierce, strange storm sweeps into Northwest Wales fro SW to NE)


Wales wild under cloud
Sprinkled with sheep, splashed with cows
Green green grass of home

(June 2004)


Spring mountains muffled
Crouch for warmth over wildfire
Gorse gold is stunning

(Anglesey, April 2004)


Mountain Seraphim
Hymn in opalescent fire
A Holy sunset

(Snowdonia sunset over Menai Straits, Spring 2003)


The land is getting
Tall. Mountainous trees. Sheep kneel,
Clouds greet ripe heather

(Into Snowdonia, August 2002)


Cloud-copying peaks –
Vesuvio, Verzasca,
Veils of Everest

(driving to Milan, July 2001 – cloudshapes copying the underlying mountains)

© Pam Crane

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