From Nick Goth


Dawn comes in a flash of colour, the sky torn apart by yellow,
stark leafless trees stand out against the heavens which have thin wispy clouds that
hide the sun behind an ocean of colour that my eyes struggle to see.
Soon the brightness dies like a wilting flower and the clouds layer the sky in an
undulating landscape of gossamer;
it looks like an upside-down terrain of an alien planet –
the varied landscape of autumn.

© Nick Goth


Up we go on gossamer wings made of crystal ice, higher and higher into the blue.
Summer radiance bathes us in its warm radiance as we roll and dive with the sun
shining warmly on our backs.
For this is what it is to be free, so much to enjoy in the sky, up through the
clouds to where the angels live, so high that even in the day the sky is almost
I know when I die I want to be an angel and to fly as high as I can on gossamer wings.

© Nick Goth

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