From Nat Hall.


1. Lung Ta

Lung Ta, wind horse,
symbol of speed,
left to endure
Tibetan clouds –
cloth to cold wind,
cotton or silk tied to long strings…
their prayer flags woven in peace & compassion
to blow upwards as offerings to the Divine
on mountain tops between
Lhasa & Kathmandu…
like an infinite washing line.

2. Good Fortune

I never looked at us this way.
Bits of ourselves in suspension in-between
grass & gossip sky;
linen alive in Shetland blue,
serene, so white…
like talking sails
tied to our northern latitude –
from line to line, life entangled,
clipped to resist to the tsi-tsi
echoed in wind,
through riding songs.

© Nat Hall. 2007.

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