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From Miki Byrne

From Miki Byrne

Gloucestershire, UK


Air-brushed wisps to mackerel bellied speckles.
Drift windblown like the earths’ chiffon scarf.
They float in candy-cotton puffs or grey washrag streaks.
Bruised by storms. Thrown and twisted.
Cyclonic tubes suck skyward and bring death in twisted tendrils.

Free-form sculptures in balletic poses saunter across a blue stage
And ragged edges softly coil away.
Such are chameleon clouds that continuously change.
They die and reform in living moist beauty,
And are always fascinatingly there.

© Miki Byrne 2010

Morning Sky

Blue canvas of sky
Slashed by pink streaks,
Purple swathes.
Leading in the air-brushed
White feathers of cloud.
Changing second by second
As I watch.
Magical transformation
Painted by sunlight, shaded
By moisture. Displayed above
In an ever-moving panorama.
Wonderful ceiling of the world.
A transforming delight.
Natures abstract strokes
Laid gently upon the canvas
Of blue.

© Miki Byrne 2010

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