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From Mike Thurstan Bassett

From Mike Thurstan Bassett



What beauty lies before us spread

When once we lift our eyes:

Just view the vastness of the skies:

And stately massing clouds,

The veils of drifting rain;


The rainbow o’er the heaving main

That shines thro’ rain-wet shrouds;

The splendour of the rising sun

In a flood of golden light,

Or the fiery pomp of evening

‘Fore the open gates of night.


O I have seen such wonders

From my little room on high

That all the jewels of India

Were not enough to buy:

And were they writ

Howe’er so fair

No living man

Would credence bear;

Nor thinker rapt

In deepest spell

Their mystery learn

Or secrets tell.


We need no gold or treasures rare

Such marvels to behold:

Just eyes to see and hearts to hold

The glories everywhere.


© Mike Thurstan Bassett July 2013

  • spiggsy

    September 16, 2013at12:36 am

    Good poem, Mike. Points out the glory of the skies and all…well said!


    – spiggsy,

  • Jessica Graham

    September 30, 2013at6:30 pm

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    Jessica Graham

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