From Michael James Dempsey

Clouds floating are natures heaven,
Rain rushes descended on the Earth,
Moisture rises from the river vein,
Gathering together they give birth,

All is reborn from a cloud of dust,
Scattered throughout Cumulus night,
Floating to form the Earth’s crust,
Co-equally cuddling out star light,

Nebulae and galaxies hugging space,
Rising dew, becomes a falling drop,
Crawl and swirl, eternally in race,
Always on the go, no start no stop,

Rising over the luscious landscape,
Stratus merges in to Stratocumulus,
Changes to Nimbostratus cloudscape,
Climbing Cirro Stratus and Cumulus,

Majestic waves of climactic Cirrus,
Wonders of the world she enshrouds,
Mysterious magic necromantic Venus,
All life born from gathered Clouds.

Copyright © 2010 Michael James Dempsey

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