From Michael Davis


I dreamt the clouds were all asleep
Feathered pillows resting their heads
Not one of them were snoring
While waiting for morning
All tucked up in o’ so soft cozy beds

In my dream the clouds were dreaming
Of what was about to be
There would be magic drifting by
Across the morning sky
An incredible sight they would see

In their dreams the sun crept over the hill
Ushering in the brand new day
One by one the clouds arose
Outstretched arms, and wiggling their toes
Then saw a Cumulus cloud who began to say

Look! Over there it’s little Tommy running
Colourful balloons in hand, across the sky
That surely must be his dad
Dressed in his shirt of blue plaid
With sister Sue joyfully skipping on by

What a sight all the clouds were seeing
Watching everything drift across the blue
Ted the baker baking his bread
Molly the gymnast standing on her head
Mrs. Tibbly sitting enjoying her lovely fondue

I quickly awoke with streams of beaming light
Creeping past the torn and tattered shade
People in the sky just wandering thru?
Could a dream like this ever really come true?
A good argument could surly be made

© Michael Davis

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