From Mia (aged 8)


The voice of the sun
Told me to bring my paints out
To paint the sky.
To shape the clouds
With my skilful brushstrokes
White wisps
Scarlet smudges
Pink pinpricks
An endless task lies ahead of me
The clouds busy forming
From my restless hands
The shy filling and unfilling
Blue over white over blue
For all eternity.

Mia (aged 8)
St John’s College School, Cambridge, UK
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4 thoughts on “From Mia (aged 8)”

  1. Kieran and Kate says:

    Fantastic Mia! Pink pinpricks is our favourite bit. Beautiful poem. I’m a very proud uncle.

  2. James says:

    That’s lovely Mia. Great alliteration and delightfully imaginative.

  3. Nonna says:

    Wonderful and colourful imagery. I can really recognise what you are saying. Well done!!

  4. Papalo says:

    Mia, I still can hear the sun´s voice. Great poem.Congratulations.:)

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