From Mark Peacock

Life Without Passion is Unforgivable…

In the words of my Hero, ‘I’m like a bat-out-of-hell’…
My vacation’s back on due to fervent ground-swell!
I’ve been worried for weeks that I’d not see those clouds,
but my prayers have been answered by the wild, baying crowds.

People say I’m a moron for endorsing this struggle,
But clouds and my duties are tough things to juggle.
So when my chance shows it’s face, I’m not biding my time,
And I’m straight in that taxi with my partner-in-crime.

…and I don’t mean my wife of course, she’s still at home.
It’s my rich neighbour Bernard, and his Schnauzer, Jerome.
I don’t like being a postman, I get cold hands and the like.
But it does have its plusses such as this lovely strike!

This means I can wonder o’er hills and o’er dales.
Topping it off with a few fine cask ales.
I take photos all day, I never want to go back,
but I must or it’s likely they’ll give me the sack.

How can I get round this? I’m hatching a plan.
It involves Bernard of course, and some de-icer-laced ham.
I watch as he chews, like a mad, hungry cow.
…and when he’s gone we swap clothes, “BECAUSE I’M BERNARD NOW!”

© Mark J Peacock 2009

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