From Mark Peacock

Fair Weather Feathered Friend (My Cloud is My Bird)

by Mark Peacock © 2007

I could say I’ll love you until the day the stars fall from the sky,
but I wouldn’t want that as it might spoil the clouds nearby.
I should say I would move any mountain for you,
but that wouldn’t be true…as it might also spoil the cloud formation…in my view.

You might want me to say you’re the best girl in the world,
but my mistress, the clouds will always be better, so that would be heinous.
I know you’d like me to stay with you in the hospital,
but how can I when I look outside and see a perfect example of Altocumulus Castellanus?

Yes, you are beautiful but you cannot fly.
I’m afraid you’re not the Cirrostratus in my sky.
And your hair looks like too scruffy…
…and in no way fluffy. Like a cloud or like Duffy.
My true love is Mackeral Sky.
And will remain so ’til that day I do die.

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