From Marian Neary Burke.

Dublin, Ireland.


It was the only one, just there
In the clear blue sky, lying low
Close to the tree tops. Sheep like,
Its black face hidden under curly horns.
Stretching, changing, growing bigger,
Dragon like, spitting fire
Causing it to split in two, becoming its
Original self, facing the dragon.
Only this time it is more like a lamb
Clearer, brighter, peaceful
Just being there. The dragon disappears.
The lamb remains for a while and it too
Melts into little pieces and is gone.
Leaving a whisper of white
In the horizon.

© Marian Neary Burke.

One thought on “From Marian Neary Burke.”

  1. Kim Henry says:

    Dear Marian,

    This is Kim from the creative course at the Crysalis centre! So lovely to read your words again – beautiful.

    I wanted to let you know that Rebecca and I are running a course at Cortijo Romero in Spain in September 2011. It’s a combination of creative writing and creative movement – it would be so lovely to see you again!

    Much Love, Kim xx

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