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From Lesley Campbell in Orkney, Scotland:

From Lesley Campbell in Orkney, Scotland:

My Birthday Present

Today when I opened my presents
I saw Spikey had bought me a book
It was wrapped in fancy pink paper
I thought I should have a quick look

I tore off all of the paper
Too excited to take in my stride
What was the name of this volume?
It was “The Cloudspotter’s Guide”

It is packed full of information
With photos of clouds like rude signs
And detailed descriptions of every one
Of clouds of all different kinds

Can anything get any better?
Surely nothing better could be
Than knowing it’s an official publication
Of the “Cloud Appreciation Society”

I rushed to access their website
To find out if I could join
I could and it only cost me
332 one penny coins

So now I await the postman
To bring me my cert, badge and bumph
Then I can read all about it
At work when I’m having my lunch

I need to learn all the details
Of clouds and how they are formed
The white fluffy candy floss cumulus
Which look like bulls with some horns

I can’t do this any more…

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