From Kent Turner.

Tulsa, OK. USA / Halifax, Nova Scotia

O Cirrus

In the silence lifting on the breath of heaven
the temporal cirrus and tossing crown
the lowest of heaven’s aspirations
a leaving of royal weaving found

Yet, my heart is drawn upward, cirrus !
while gazing at the fabric torn
high above earth’s unneeded worries
gazing at the beauty worn

The earth in a temporal moment
as if needed be, this day
to cover our lowly aspirations
with a high, directed song
to the eternal blue unending
and accompanying wind, breathing along

The lowest of heaven and the highest of earth
the visible sign of a merry mirth
fortelling of green-giving rain
arising on tomorrow’s wind around
and the ‘just so’ easing of the pain
of the lowly men, here bound

O Cirrus, not loud, nor featureless to man
born to be inspiration’s friend
the flying hope of earth’s highest dreams*
and deepest yearnings become known
high, above, where there is no sound
Beautiful, Perfect, Quiet, Alone !

© Kent Turner.

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