From Karen Rosell

Waiting For A Storm

Pannus lurk, ominous on the horizon,
Somewhere in the haze,
To the far right of me,
And to the far left.

Threats of thunder rumble on either side,
Occasional flashes of white,
To the far right of me,
And to the far left.

I can see the hanging trails of rain,
Wispy fringes of moisture,
To the far left of me,
And to the far right.
Topping off the air of menace are two towers,
Rising, then slowly feathering, splaying out,
One to my right,
Another to my left.

I hear the distant thunder,
Can nearly smell the far off rain,
Yet still I sit under the clear blue skies,
Waiting for the storm.

Kelvin Helmholtz

A fish, swimming lazily by,
You wouldn’t see that in a clear blue sky,
Pointing laughing, as the clouds tell stories,
A wave? two waves? Surely not.
Breaking on a shore of broken cloud,
White gulls scream far below on the real shore,
Clamouring, raucous and loud,
Lasting but ten seconds before the moment is gone,
Left to wonder whether it was real.

© Karen Rosell

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