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From John Wark

From John Wark

Sarasota, Florida, USA

Cloud Viewing

The old masters went snow viewing
and inked poems by brazier light.
Letting go of arising & passing, they
shivered with the nature of mind.
Genial, life & death haunted hunters!

In Florida we go out cloud viewing,
eyes filled with wine-bodied, innerlit
here-and-gone Spanish armadas
of fleeting shape shifts. All summer
greedy & guilty & crazy with excess.

I give my eyes & heart. At sunset
take a camera to the quay beneath
the Sarasota bridge that arcs to
St. Armands Circle & capture high,
warm luminaries in watery sky drifts.

From nowhere a half-naked fisherman
drags over a hooked catfish. It’s
eye fiercely piercing clotted last light.
“Can’t eat ‘em,” he says & plunges in
his knife. Dark falls, chafes & ignites.

© John Wark 2009

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