From Jenny Scott.

Langtoft, South Lincolnshire, U.K.


“Not a cloud in the sky”
The people all cry.
Delighted it’s blue
They have things to do.

I love to see clouds
And cry out aloud.
When I see a great sunset
A picture I get.

Keep watch up above
I think you will love
The fluffy white shapes
Like angels in capes

A minute goes by.
“Look at that,” I cry,
It all looks quite new,
Now see a different view.

There is a society you know,
Twelve thousand or so
Have joined in to share
Their love of the rare.

In 64 places
They all turn their faces
And hold their gaze high
To examine the sky,

So let me urge you,
Whatever you do,
To look up and see
And wonder like me.

© Jenny Scott July 2008.

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