From James Webb Wilson (Jim the Poet).

Vernon, CT USA

Clouds For Dreaming

These are the mammoth clouds for dreaming,

Piled high enormous mountains teeming,

Chiaroscuros toned layer on layer ever bright,

Puffy white upon puffy white.

They slowly float across our view

Dividing thew patches of azure blue

On a proud afternoon of a summer;s day

Gigantic masks of a surrealist’s way.

These huge conglomerate amorphous cliffs

Dominate the sky as each one drifts

As a winged sculptor etches a face anew

To form a future yet to come true.

They rise as some Herculean boat

Weighing nothing able to float

Across a wild and energetic sky in ease

As Rushmore4 images come to their knees.

These are the quiet giants of our time

The footless wonders of a higher clime

Which pass by and leave it may seem

Nothing, except per chance a dre3am.

© James Webb Wilson (Jim the Poet). 2009.

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