From James Deboo


the world’s breath
mouth full of lightning
weeping the birth of rivers
building the house of the world
with thunder.

Hard, ice-white,
dropping a hook in a whole ocean,
seeing seeds at the surface,
hearing the sea germinate.

unterra incognita
never to be known
less understood than stars
harder to inhabit than Mars
more various than life
stretchung from the soil to the stratosphere
home of all things unknown and mistrusted.

Like lakes of the sea
icebergs impacted in an ice sheet

a promise of life
fixing the fertility of the air
like nitrogen to the bare earth

leaving the world
always fallstreaks

© James Deboo

One thought on “From James Deboo”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lifted me up in a tornado and then dropped me down again to earth safely.

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