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From James Carter

From James Carter

C l o u d s L i k e U s

a poem for Mr. Wordsworth

You’re n e v e r lonely as a cloud

for like the sheep, you’re with the crowd

and plus there’s always loads to do

like soak a fete or barbeque

Us clouds are water – boiled you know

for we’re recycled H20

from stream to sea to cloud to rain :

precipitation is our game!

And how we love it when it’s warm

for then we cook a mighty storm

but when it’s time to help some flowers

we’ll brew up those April showers

Going back to our CV

we have a range of skills you see

from snow to hail and mist to fog –

to making shapes for you to spot!

A sunny spell? oh we’ll be back

you’ll need some rain – and that’s a fact

we’re high as kites and cool as jazz

that’s clouds like us – our life’s a gas!









© James Carter. 2009.

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