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From Jacqueline Mai.

From Jacqueline Mai.


Our cat companion of 21 years
Has gone to his heaven to join his mama.
I imagine soft clouds holding and comforting him
Where before it was us and our now empty arms.

Passing clouds dapple his earthly resting place
With a constant balm of caresses
Bathing him in light and shade
And taking him gently onwards.

Sunrise greets him first each morning
As the night clouds race out to the sea,
Then they gently pull their blanket over him
On their return at the end of the day.

The sunshine and darkness that besets us
In these early days of loss
Needs the soothing drift of clouds and time
To loosen and bear away our tears.

I watch the cloud shadows in their ceaseless voyage
Smoothing the places where he once walked
Softening the sadness and giving Nature
A new page to write upon.

©Jacqueline Mai June 2007

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