From Iowa to England, the World’s Newest Cloud Is Challenging the Status Quo

Emily Fischer is an editorial fellow with Midstory, a non-profit ‘thinkhub’ in the Midwest which encourages the exchange of ideas and envisions the future of the region through multimedia storytelling.  She contacted us as she was working on a story about how asperitas clouds have been seen across the Midwest and wanted to include information about the cloud’s official recognition.  Society founder, Gavin Pretor-Pinney was pleased to help and worked on the story with Emily, sharing with her the background to its recognition and describing it as “Very much like the surface of the ocean when you’re underneath, looking up. But not on a kind of calm day with regular waves — more on a chaotic, choppy day”.  Emily told us “I’m so honored to have your perspective as an integral part of its discovery!”

The article is very detailed and well written.  You can read it in full here 

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