From Indrani Ananda

Brighton, UK


I saw a sultan’s palace in the clouds
With minarets gold-dipped in setting sun;
Its lapis-blue paved stairways spanned the sky
Then fell away as evening’s light was done.

I watched a fronded bird of paradise
Become a crystal dancer in the blue;
She spun with graceful lacy cirrus veils
That trailed behind her where the jet-stream flew.

I found a lion in the cumulus
Whose mane was billowed in the rising air;
But he grew like a spreading mushroom cloud
That caved in on itself in grey despair.

There was an angel borne on latticed wings
High in the cirro-stratus flow;
And he became a silver unicorn,
And then an eagle watching earth below.

The nimbus built tall towers to the sun
With dark foreboding ramparts brooding there;
The curtained rain swept like a widow’s weeds
Down through the weeping rainbow-patterned air.

Soft animals of every shape and form –
Fairweather friends who change to butterflies;
They run the errands of the winds sublime
Then fade away before they’ve crossed the skies.

And many cloud-wrought ships glide through the night
Unseen along the hoary vapour trails;
Made ghostly by the pale moon-mariner…….
I wish that I could trim their pearly sails.

© Indrani Ananda

2 thoughts on “From Indrani Ananda”

  1. Indrani Ananda Shough avatar Indrani Ananda says:

    To Sara Sollom.
    Re your request to use lines from my poem; Yes , I do give you permission to use the lines from my poem, your idea sounds interesting. Send your picture in when you’ve finished, I’d like to see it.
    Indrani Ananda.

  2. sarah sollom says:

    I am seeking permission to use some lines from Indrani Ananda’s cloud poem, in my artwork. I do pictures with words collaged into the background. I can show an example if that would help.

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